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Tanzania Dar es Salaam, road construction, new appartment buildings, cathedral  and The White Fathers' House, also known as Atiman House. It is named after the White Fathers, as the building has been the seat of their mission since 1922. The alternative name of "Atiman" refers to Adrian Atiman, an African physician who was freed from slavery in Nigeria by the White Fathers and later served in Tanzania until his death, in 1924. The building is believed to have been built in the 1860s (possibly 1866) as a harem for Sultan Majid of Zanzibar. In 1922, it was sold to the White Fathers, and became their main base in East Africa, background St. Joseph´s cathedral and construction of new skyscrapers / TANSANIA Dar es Salam, Atiman House, Kathedrale und Neubau neuer Hochhaeuser